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My Shoulder Aches and Aches, so is this it? Will it always ache?

Sorry to hear your shoulder aches, but no, you don't have to live with it. Does any pain go down the outside of the your arm? Have you lost any range of motion? Often times, people fall on an outstretched arm or push something heavy. A good story would be that you were helping to push a car without realizing it was in park. Instead, your story could be that you wrongly slept on your shoulder. Whatever your story, whether you are a soccer mom driving kids around, a DOT licensed truck driver hauling necessary goods, or you decided to skip rocks and didn’t think you had to warm your arm up (after all, you never warmed up your arm 30 years ago as a teenager), you might be dealing with something called “Impingement Syndrome.”

Impingement Syndrome is caused when a muscle in your rotator cuff (muscles that stabilize your shoulder) becomes painful as it gets ‘impinged’ or trapped between your arm and your shoulder blade. We at Active Health Chiropractic, understand your: 1) pain and discomfort that keeps you from having a good night’s sleep, 2) pain and discomfort that keeps you from playing with your children or grandchildren, 3) pain and discomfort that you must live with as you maneuver the big steering wheel of your DOT tractor trailer, and 4) any other daily occurrence that you must do, but still have that pain. That pain. That pain in your shoulder, that pain in your arm, and that pain that sometimes goes up into your neck.

You have come to the right place, Active Health Chiropractic. We understand you want time with your grandchildren. Active Health Chiropractic understands that you want to provide for your family through your DOT license and medical card. We at Active Health Chiropractic want to give you a good night’s rest.

Tell Tale Sign

Here are some steps to help you understand if you may have Impingement Syndrome:

1) stand in front of a mirror in your home

2) on the non-painful side, hold your arm straight in front of you as in fig 1 below

3) then place the hand of your non-painful side on the opposite shoulder as in fig 2 below

4) now raise your elbow up as high as it can go (remember, this is your non-painful side. we need to compare the non-painful side to your painful side.) fig 3 below

5) mentally note how high you can raise your elbow in the mirror

6) now do steps 1-5, but on the side with the painful shoulder and mentally note how high you can raise your elbow.

If there is a discrepancy (you can raise your non-painful side elbow higher than your painful side), you may be suffering from Impingement Syndrome.

Now What?

Now it’s time to get relief, that’s what. Schedule online through this website or call (435) 673-2700. We at Active Health Chiropractic, have the necessary tools and arsenal to attack your impingement syndrome. We can give you your range of motion back, sometimes in the first visit. We will have you work with our medical massage therapist who will loosen tight muscles. We will physically adjust your shoulder to allow more movement. We will give you exercises and stretches which will further your healing. Read what others have said:

–my physical therapist was astounded. I was seeing a physical therapist for my shoulder and had gone about 7-8 times. After coming to Active Health Chiropractic for my first visit to help my shoulder, my physical therapist on my next visit to him, asked me what I did and where did I go to do it?

– a Vietnam veteran canceled all subsequent physical therapy sessions after the first visit to Active Health Chiropractic claiming that, “You (Active Health Chiropractic) helped me more in 10 minutes than my physical therapist with 10 sessions.”

*** (Active Health Chiropractic treats all veterans and helps the veteran with the VA Administration paperwork which often prescribes care with no out-of-pocket expenses for our Vets...Thank You for your service!!!)***

So schedule now. Your relief is 10 minutes away.


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