Sugar = Immune suppression

Do you find yourself or your children getting sick a lot? Sugar might have more to do with that then you think. Did you know that consuming sugar actually decreases your ability to fight off infection? In fact, sugar actually lengthens your recovery time! So those popsicles after a tonsillectomy will have to wait! At Cedar City Chiropractic and Rehab, our doctors see this issue quite often, especially during the winter months. After sugar ingestion (about 75 grams), the cell mediated immunity is depressed by 50% for 120 minutes after the original ingestion. It’s one of the most common reasons children and adults, old and young alike, just seem to get sick. We can do our part, by just using s

What is PIP?

PIP can cover a variety of damages following an accident.  The state of Utah designates certain services like chiropractic, medical, surgery

Beans The Magical Fruit

One of the best foods of Mother Nature, and a must for every diet! Beans are loaded with phytochemicals and pro-tease inhibitors that are being studied as anti-cancer agents. Although a bean’s protein is considered incomplete because it is low in the amino acid methionine, your body will transform it into a high quality complete protein if you eat grains, and seeds at some point during the same day. Beans are some of the very best sources of soluble fiber, which has been shown to lower serum cholesterol and stabilize blood sugar. Insoluble fiber is also considerable in beans. Beans contain no cholesterol and are low in fat. To avoid stomach aches and flatulence, never eat a crunchy bean.


Stress is universal, and it's not always bad. Whenever you jump to catch a badly thrown ball, feel especially energetic before an important meeting, or hit the brakes in time to avoid a car accident, stress is doing its job. The adrenaline boosting your heart rate and the cortisol boosting your blood sugar, while diverting energy away from your digestive system and immune responses, are exactly what prehistoric humans needed to fight or flee attackers. However, when there's never any relief from stress, the sustained fight-or-flight response can cause problems. In fact, WebMD warns that constant stress actually becomes "distress -- a negative stress reaction. Distress can lead to physical sy


MSM (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane) What Is MSM? MSM is a natural form of highly bio-available organic sulfur which dissolves quickly into the bloodstream and is found in all living organisms. It is normally present in low concentrations in our body’s fluids and tissues. Some researchers suggest that food processing has depleted MSM in the foods we eat, such as Milk, Fruits, Vegetables, Meats, and Fish. This depletion causes the body in-turn to become depleted of MSM, thereby adversely affecting its ability creating healthy cells. Unhealthy cells can then cause aches, pains, allergies, illness, and disease. Why Does the Body Need MSM? As the end product of digestion of proteins, amino acids su

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