"Minor" Motor Vehicle Accidents (MVA's)

After any accident, whether a slip on ice or a car accident, the damaged body begins to heal. It’s during that healing period we can have a profound impact on the direction and speed of healing. Too many times we’ve had patients report during a history that they were involved in a “minor” car accident 6 month to 3 to 5 years earlier and did nothing about it. Because they did not want to cause a problem, or were fearful of insurance repercussions, or the damage to there vehicle was minimal, or they needed to punish themselves for having an accident so they assumed everything was okay they wait and see. Little did they know that muscle, ligaments, and tendons were beginning to heal wrong. Mo

What the Hemp

It's best to take CBD oil on an empty stomach for faster effect, begin by shaking well.

Pain in the Butt

Pain in the Butt? Hi welcome back to Cedar City Chiropractic and Rehabilitation. I'm Dr. Williams and today we're going to talk about getting that pain out of your butt. From being such a pain in the butt. So what we're gonna do is first I'm going to show you how a wallet in your back pocket does so you sit on your wallet in that back pocket it's gonna throw your whole spine on just like the Leaning Tower of Pisa, okay? So when the foundation is off everything above it is going to be bad. Phones are not as bad. They're a little skinnier, but still if you have that in your back pocket, girls tend to do this a little more. Boys tend to do this a little bit more. Either way. I know that both do

Is Sitting On a Wallet Or a Phone Bad For Your Back?

Back Problems? Many people like to have their wallet or phone close to them all day long and for good reason! It’s convenient to have the two most used personal items close at hand when you need them. The downside is where do you put them? Women usually throw them in a purse, but men, unless you have a European satchel or fanny pack, your wallet usually ends up in that back pocket. It has also been more prominent to see women, even if they have a purse, to put their phones in their back pocket. In these two instances, man or woman, people are sitting on something that is generally one half inch up to even two inches in thickness. This creates a problem. Especially if you are one of these peo

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