Treating the Cause / Not the Symptoms

When it comes to head, back, arm, leg and general muscle and joint aches, many people treat the symptoms and not the actual cause of the problem! The pharmaceutical industry would have you believe that the cause of the pain is due to inflammation or muscle spasm only, not even considering what may be causing these symptoms. Or perhaps they believe that insufficient pain killers or muscle relaxers in your body may be causing the problem. Due to the billions of dollars spent by the pharmaceutical industry in advertising in TV and newspapers, promoting their latest and greatest drugs, Americans eagerly swallow many billions of dollars of OTC (over the counter), and prescription drugs annuall

Top 5 Steps of Filing a Personal Injury Claim

There is no one way to handle a personal injury case. Each case depends on a number of factors that differ from case to case. The type and severity of the injury, where the injury occurred, and the amount of insurance coverage of the parties involved. These are but a few examples of what a personal injury case is based upon. There are, however, routine steps one can expect to encounter when filing a personal injury claim. Below are 5 of the common steps in any given personal injury case. Legal Consultation If a personal injury victim is serious about filing a legal claim then, at the very least, they will likely seek out guidance from a personal injury attorney. No one understands the ins an

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