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Post Covid Syndroms

Post-Acute COVID-19 syndrome is an assembly of signs and symptoms firstly described on patients recovering from severe COVID-19 infection. The syndrome is characterized by cognitive impairment, fatigue, and other neurologic symptoms. With time and the growing understanding of this unique virus, there are cumulative case series reports on patients with mild to moderate disease, suffering from the long-standing post-COVID-19 syndrome. Taking into consideration, this pandemic is worldwide and still spreading, there's an urgent need for an effective treatment for those patients who are suffering and recovering from the life-debilitating COVID-19 trauma. Neurologic signs and symptoms are common during hospitalization with COVID-19, with 42% of patients at the onset of the disease and 82% during the course of the disease. Patients report mainly on myalgias, headaches, encephalopathy, dizziness, dysgeusia, and anosmia. After recovering from COVID-19, many patients continue to suffer from symptoms. Only 13% of the patients were completely free of symptoms after full resolution of the virus. The main symptom, reported by more than half the patients included cognitive impairment, fatigue, and sleep disorders. A recent study analyzed data from 84,285 Individuals who recovered from suspected or confirmed COVID-19 showed reduced cognitive performance. This deficit scales with symptom severity and is evident amongst those without hospital treatment.Two main biological sequelae of COVID-19 might play a role in the pathogenesis of this syndrome. The first is hypercoagulability state accompanies the acute infection. This is characterized by an increased risk of small and large vessel occlusion and is associated with increased mortality. Neurologic complications might be a result of micro-infarcts in the central of the peripheral nervous system. The second is an uncontrolled inflammatory response, called cytokines storm. Thus, COVID-19 can cause neuroinflammation, which might be prolonged and lead to signs of the post-acute COVID-19 syndrome. The Micro-infarcts and neuroinflammation are important causes of local hypoxia and specifically neurological hypoxia. One of the options to reverse hypoxia, reduce neuroinflammation and induce neuroplasticity is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT). Hyperbaric oxygen therapy includes the inhalation of 100% oxygen at pressures exceeding 1 atmosphere absolute, thus enhancing the amount of oxygen dissolved in the body tissues. During HBOT, the arterial O2 tension typically exceeds 2000 mmHg, and levels of 200-400 mmHg occur in tissues. Even though many of the beneficial effects of HBOT can be explained by the improvement of tissue oxygenation, it is now understood that the combined action of hyperoxia and hyperbaric pressure, triggers both oxygen and pressure-sensitive genes, resulting in inducing regenerative processes including stem cells proliferation and mobilization with anti-apoptotic and anti-inflammatory factors. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy improves the immune system by weakening infection-causing bacteria. It also increases the body's natural antioxidants and free radical scavengers, which increases the ability to fight disease and infection. It can also synergize with certain antibiotics improving their efficacy. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy it’s also a great way of keeping you safe in this unfortunate situation, but also a great treatment to recover from post-COVID trauma and to fix your blood oxygen level. Hyperbaric can also work to heal scar tissue in the lungs, decreasing healing time by up to 40%. Long term, it can help people get breathing again. HBOT is also proved to increase stem cell production. The special STEM cells are the key. They’re the golden ticket. They’re the building block of every single thing in your body along with the collagen whose production is also stimulated by hyperbaric oxygen therapy. The STEM cells can become any type of cell your body needs - liver, spleen, or lungs. They’re the best thing in the human body.
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