Do You Crack Your Own Spine?

A Word of Warning Do You Pop Your Back? Many people, particularly younger people, regularly “crack” their own spines. This is done for a number of different reasons, the primary one being to feel better. When the spine is “popped”, the body reacts as if it had been injured by releasing chemicals called enkephalins and endorphins. These chemicals are part of the pain control system of the body. Endorphins and enkephalins biochemically are as effective as morphine in controlling pains. Therefore, when your spine is traumatized, these chemicals are released in the region of trauma thereby reducing pains for several hours to one day. When pains are reduced, most people assume something go

Sugar = Immune suppression

Do you find yourself or your children getting sick a lot? Sugar might have more to do with that then you think. Did you know that consuming sugar actually decreases your ability to fight off infection? In fact, sugar actually lengthens your recovery time! So those popsicles after a tonsillectomy will have to wait! At Cedar City Chiropractic and Rehab, our doctors see this issue quite often, especially during the winter months. After sugar ingestion (about 75 grams), the cell mediated immunity is depressed by 50% for 120 minutes after the original ingestion. It’s one of the most common reasons children and adults, old and young alike, just seem to get sick. We can do our part, by just using s

No Magic Bullet, Pill, Patch or Drink!!

Short-Term Weight Loss? Not Healthy in the Long-Term Trying to lose weight by methods which are short-term in there thinking, or by methods which you do not plan on maintaining for the next 20 years, are poorly thought out, poorly engineered, many have proven potentially dangerous, and are destined for failure. Gastric stapling, gastric bypass, intestinal bypass, liposuction, wiring the jaws shut are among the surgical procedures used to help people lose weight. These methods also fail if other deeper, more important issues are not addressed, such as the person's life styles, i.e. eating and exercising habits! Non-Healthy Methods for Losing Weight and Why They Are Concerning Let's examine j

Proper Icing

Hi I'm Dr. Williams back again with Cedar City Chiropractic and Rehabilitation here in Cedar City, Utah. So today we're going to talk about icing. So is I use it? Do I not use it? When do you use it? How long do I ice for? Those are all questions that people ask, especially if you're in an accident, a trip and fall accident or an auto accident and you just don't know hey what do I do? So listen up and I'm gonna tell you. So first you want to get your ice pack right? You want to get it cold. You don't want just a cheapy little ice pack that's gonna hold the cold for two seconds and then not be of any worth to you. So you can get a pretty decent ice pack for $8.00. That's how much w

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