Computer Posture:Take Some Micro-Breaks

Computer Posture Causing You Stress? If you’re reading this article you’re most likely slightly slumped over a computer or PDA. Computer posture is one of the hidden causes of musculoskeletal pain and decreased energy, which ultimately increases stress. Many jobs of today require long hours at the computer, and that can’t be changed. The key is having tools to reduce the wear and tear on your body throughout the day. Computer posture causes a cascade of events in the body known as Upper Cross Syndrome. Upper Cross is not really a “Syndrome” at all, but merely a pattern of imbalances that develop with prolonged poor posture. Without going into detail, muscles in the front of the body become t

Beans: The Magical Fruit

One of the best foods of Mother Nature, and a must for every diet! Why are Beans the Magical Fruit? Beans are loaded with phytochemicals and pro-tease inhibitors that are being studied as anti-cancer agents. Although a bean’s protein is considered incomplete because it is low in the amino acid methionine, your body will transform it into a high quality complete protein if you eat grains and/or seeds at some point during the same day. Beans are some of the very best sources of soluble fiber, which has been shown to lower serum cholesterol and stabilize blood sugar. Insoluble fiber is also considerable in beans. Beans contain no cholesterol and are low in fat. Happy Digestion To avoid stoma

Maximum lifting and Carrying Limits

Did You Know? As much as 80% of the adult population will experience lower back injuries over their lifetimes. These injuries are usually caused by improper lifting techniques and overuse. Low back pain and injuries attributed to manual lifting continue as one of the leading occupational health and safety issues facing preventive medicine. Injuries cost both employee and employer unnecessary lost time, money, and production! How Much Can I Lift? There is not one generic answer. All workers should consider, how much can I lift safely? Everybody has different capabilities, as there are numerous variations in human physiology, such as bone structure, muscle mass, age, and overall health of

It’s Your Back, You only Get One

It's your back, you only get one. This statement is said continually by chiropractors, as per their job, but is seems pretty obvious doesn't it? Unfortunately, many workers regularly place their backs in high risk situations, perhaps not realizing the dangers and future problems they bring upon themselves through poorly planned lifting habits, or prolonged exposure to repetitive back stress. To understand how injury occurs to your back, you first must understand the basics of human back anatomy: The human spine is a highly complex bio-mechanical structure composed of 24 movable segments. It also houses a portion of the central nervous system called the spinal cord. The Spinal cord has 31 p

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