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In and Auto Accident

Hi! Welcome back to Cedar City Chiropractic and Rehabilitation. I'm Dr. Williams. Today I want to talk about personal injury protection, or "PIP" for short. So that's what you can use when you are in a car accident. Whether you are the person who caused the accident or the person who was hit by somebody else in the accident. So, this personal injury protection is... a, applies to Utah, in our state because we are a no-fault state. What the means, is that, when you are in an accident, as far as the health care part of it, they are not concerned who caused the accident, until that PIP is exhausted or all used up. So, say the driver, so say for instance, I am driving my car and I get hit by somebody else and I got me, my wife, my four kids. So, I have $10,000 PIP per person in the vehicle. So it's $10,000 for me, $10,000 for my wife, and $10,000 for each kid. And what that does (the PIP), we can use that PIP to get the healthcare that we need. Whether it's going to the ER, getting tests ran, x-rays, CT scan, MRI, whatever. And then coming out to the chiropractor afterwards getting your neck and head... ...or sorry, your neck and back, arms and legs fixed up. So you can function again. Now once that, in this instance, that $10,000 is used up, then we get a lawyer and sue the car insurance of that person that hit us. And then you get more help as far as that's concerned. That being said, if you are ever in an accident, whether you're the one hitting someone, or you're the one being hit, you have that coverage. So Utah is a minimum $3,000 PIP. Again that is Personal Injury Protection. And so that helps to pay for your healthcare bills. And the best part about it is the insurance companies are not allowed to raise your rates if you use that PIP coverage. Now if you're the one that caused the accident, your rates are going to go up. That's just what's going to happen. But if you're the one that got hit and you're innocent as far as the law is concerned, about who caused the accident. You can use that PIP coverage from your insurance company without fearing that your rates will go up. Please give us a call if you are ever in an accident and you need help. If you have any questions, we do a lot of auto accidents and we help a lot of people who have been severely injured to get better well and better quicker. We work with attorneys in the area and also out of state to help those people who have been in accidents who are on vacation here.

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