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Back Surgery?! After Reading This, You'll Realize You'll Have More Odds at a Casino.

What Percentage of Back Surgeries Fail?

Active Health Chiropractic and St George, UT chiropractor mentioned in earlier posts that we stand alone in, not only many techniques, but in the latest research. Active Health Chiropractic and St George, UT chiropractor are familiar with a study conducted by the American Society of Anesthesiologists. This study estimates that 20 to 40% of back surgeries fail.

If you were going to jump out of an airplane with a 20-40% chance

of the parachute NOT opening, would you jump?

What Percentage of REPEAT Back Surgeries Fail?

One study found only 30% of second back surgeries are successful. What?! Let me get this straight... if I am lucky enough to be among the 50% that succeed the first time, if I have to go back again my odds are cut to only 30%?

St George, UT chiropractor knows that patients having repeated back surgeries

have a much higher chance of failure.

Yeah, but...

Are you a "yeah, but.." person? A study was conducted over a 3 year period with low back pain patients visiting a surgeon and a chiropractor. This study demonstrated that about 43% of the individuals who first saw a surgeon for their back pain ended up having a surgical procedure in that 3-year time span, whereas only 1.5% of those who first consulted with a chiropractor had the same fate. If your doctor has suggested back surgery to relieve your pain, it might be time to also visit Active Health Chiropractic and St George, UT chiropractor. There is important information you simply MUST know, but may not be able to get from any other chiropractic office!

Your St George, UT chiropractor knows that the vast majority of all low back surgeries are deemed unnecessary and will only offer temporary relief, if any at all.

So lets do it and call now!


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