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Planter Fasciitis

Hi and welcome to Cedar City Chiropractic. Today we are going to talk about Plantar Fasciitis. A lot of people develop this, either from lack of proper support in the arch, which will stretch out that plantar fascia. Few things we want to do. This video is intended for our patients here at Cedar City Chiropractic and prescribed by the doctors. First, what you want to do is get the foot adjusted. To help it be mobile and completely to move well. Two is, you want to work out any scar tissue that may have formed in that area that's binding up the tissue, so it's impeding proper healing. Three you want to have proper support in that arch. So whether that's going to the running store and getting a properly fitted shoe that has that arch support or a proper flip that again has that arch support and supports that area. That's not all. That's not a fix it and you’re done. There's still more steps to do. So a lot of times that calcaneus, that back part of your foot or the heel bone will actually go down and will stretch out that area. Now that's due to that calf muscle, or muscles rather, that are too tight and that's pulling up on that calcaneus. What you want to do is stretch it out. So lean against the wall. I like to do a tri-planar stretch, so lean against the wall with that back foot flat on the floor, then you're going to lean forward 5-10 seconds. Then you're going to rotate 45 degrees, everything except that back foot, then lean forward, 5-10 seconds. Then 45 degrees this way, 5-10 seconds. After doing that, stretching out that calf, you can also stretch it out using a foam roller to help speed [up] that process. Another thing that's good that helps speeds up the process, is to wear one of those Strassburg socks. So what that is, is it's a sock that you wear that has an attachment from the toe up to just below the knee. What that does is it keeps your foot up when you are sleeping at night. A lot of people, their feet go down or plantar flexes and so it again allows those calves to get tightened up. So if we can keep those calves stretched out while you sleep, it's really important. A way to strengthen the arch, because the plantar fascia is getting stretched out, you want to strengthen it. So a couple exercises that are really good and easy, is picking up rags with your shoes, err sorry with your toes off the ground. And also you want to do like the ski jump in the Olympics. You want to lean towards the wall, without falling obviously. But that helps to strengthen [the arch].

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