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Dead Bug Core Exercise

Okay, hi today. We're going to talk about dead bugs and bird dog rehab exercises for the core strengthening. So, first we're going to do dead bugs. Dead bugs they have their arms and you know legs up there when they're dead right? So we're gonna mimic that so you're gonna have that up head just flat right there and then you're gonna touch opposites and then extend. So if you want it to be easy you put your leg and arm up higher or if you want to be harder you put those lower Okay, so two sets of twenty is the goal start with just 45 degrees Touching 45 degrees touching and you're gonna do opposites, okay? All right, and so that's dead bugs and as you get to two sets of twenty doing it easy, then do it harder. When the letting let go a little bit lower and just above the floor if that feels good for you. And again two sets of twenty so two sets of twenty is the goal but start out nice and light. So thanks for listening, (Bird dogs coming soon in next video).

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