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What is Glucosamine and What's Its Function?

Glucosamine Sulfate is considered a very safe alternative for the treatment of osteoarthritis. Glucosamine is produced naturally in the body’s articular joints for the purpose of cartilaginous repair. With aging, glucosamine levels commonly diminish, thus the natural repair capabilities of our joints diminish also. Supplementation with glucosamine is proving very effective at improving joint function for a majority of users.


Clinical trials suggest a six to eight week trial of 1500 mg per day in divided doses for the average person. Larger or obese people over 200 pounds may need higher doses at levels up to 10 mg per pound of body weight. Some individuals are hyperresponders and feel marked effects after a few days using only 500 mg per day. In a recent article in JMPT, Gottleib states that many patients who have the recommendations of taking one 500 mg capsule three times a day will commonly skip the midday dose, resulting in an actual supplementation of 1,000 mg per day. Dr. Gottleib’s anecdotal observations seem to indicate that for many patients, 1,000 mg a day may be sufficient.

If a patient has taken glucosamine as recommended over a two-month period with no response, I recommend discontinuation of supplementation entirely. For the majority of patients who do feel better, I recommend continuation of supplementing at a lower level of 500 mg a day to 500 mg every two or three days. Beware of glucosamine “fluff” products who put a small amount into their product to fool people into buying.


A safety comparison of the most commonly used pain NSAID, ibuprofen and glucosamine is as follows: a clinical trial of 805 patients showed that 35 to 37 percent had adverse reactions while taking ibuprofen of gastrointestinal complaints. While only six to seven percent had any GI complaints while using glucosamine. As of this date, no adverse reactions have been reported with glucosamine interacting with other drugs or nutrients.

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