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Dynamic vs Static Stretching

Dynamic vs. Static Stretching at Cedar City Chiropractic and Rehabilitation

Hi, welcome to Cedar City Chiropractic once again. Today we are going to talk about dynamic versus static stretching before game play of participation. A lot of people, as far as old school thinking goes, “oh I got to stretch before a game, so you’re bending over, you’re stretching everything out as much as you can until it starts to hurt and what that does is it actually over stretches the muscle so the muscle cannot contract. What we want to do is more dynamic stretching before game play or before activity, running a mile or two miles or whatever, is warm up the muscles with dynamic stretching. Which entails maybe, you know, ten yards, five or ten yards, where you are doing knee highs, where you are just running like that, bring the butt-kickers where the foot is coming back, monster walks, jumping jacks even. Or the carioca where you know you are going side to side, one way then the other. What that does, is it warms the muscles up, so they are ready for that, that game play. You don’t want your muscles to be cold going in to it. Especially not cold and overstretched, like we used to do back in the day. Afterwards, with your whatever you do, game play, running, etc…, that’s when you want to do the static stretching, because during that game play you work those muscles pretty good, now they are tight. Now we got to stretch them out so we don’t wake up the next morning all mummified because everything is so tight. Anyways, thanks for listening to me at Cedar City Chiropractic and Rehabilitation and give us a call or visit our YouTube or Facebook page. Thanks! Have a great day.


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