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Desk Ergonomics

Hi! Welcome to Cedar City Chiropractic. Back in clinic. We are going to talk about proper ergonomics when you are sitting at your desk. A lot of people have a job where they work 40 hours a week or more, sitting at a desk. And they don’t take enough breaks; don’t have everything set up how they should. So, what I like to see, when they are sitting down in their chair. Is feet flat on the floor; the knees should be 90-120 degrees as they sit. Back should be straight, and the elbows should be at 90 degrees. So when you go to your computer desk, you should have that. You shouldn’t be reaching out like this and slumped over like that. A lot of people do. Or coming back like this. To get…I see that a lot and I hear that a lot. So, um, proper ergonomics is huge to staying healthy if you are going to spend 20 years working at a desk. The desk should be, err sorry, the monitor, it should be no lower than eye level to the top of the monitor. So that’s why I use old school books, phone books to hold that up. If you have a wall mount, even better. (Monitors should be 20-30” from your face). Mouse and keyboard should be up right here so you can maintain that 90 degrees like we talked about. Quick, easy, cheap way to have a good lumbar support is you get a rolled up towel like this, and just put it right above the belt line. And then you want to scoot up, err, scoot back rather against that, so it forces to have that up. Err, your back up. If you need to double duty it, have two towels, sometimes you do, so it forces everything above that area to stay straight when you’re working at your desk. Your body will thank you for it. (You can get a lumbar support from an office supply store). Taking micro breaks every 20-30 minutes, 30 minutes tops. Where you get up and you want to stretch the hip flexors right here, the pecs that are stuck in that position, stretch that out. And tuck your chin, like you’re trying to give yourself a double chin. Then take a couple steps away from your desk, a couple steps back, and now you’re good for another half hour. Subconsciously we do that if we are stuck at a desk for two, three hours. We get up and you know, yawn etc… But if you do that every 30 minutes it’s going to save you and you won’t have to go to the chiropractor often. Anyways, thanks for listening. Cedar City Chiropractic and Rehabilitation. Phone number is 867-6354. Visit us on Facebook as well or our website.


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