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Hypothyroidism: A Natural Approach

What is Hypothyroidism?

Thyroxin, the hormone produced by the thyroid gland, regulates the burning of cellular fuels, known as basal metabolic rate. In hypothyroidism, this hormone is not functioning properly. This is why people with low thyroid function are often cold all the time.

The cause of hypothyroidism is often not the thyroxin produced in the thyroid gland called T4, but its’ more active form, T3, which is converted from T4 outside the thyroid gland. Because most doctors use the pharmaceutical preparation of thyroid hormone which contains only T4, treatment is frequently unsatisfactory.

There is a synthetic versions of artificial T3 available. However, these synthetic T3 preparations are extremely difficult to use in clinical practice. They have a very narrow clinical range and most often the physician overshoots this narrow band of beneficial dosage and produces hyperthyroidism in the patient. Wisely, most conventional physicians shy away form using these agents.

What I Can I do?

There are some natural alternatives which many individuals with this condition find works very well. NDT Extracts of animal thyroid glands provide both T3 and T4 plus an array of natural co-factors which closely simulate the natural T3 and T4.

These extracts provide a very broad range of clinical effectiveness, which makes it a very forgiving agent to use in replacement therapy. Symptoms of overdose come on very gradually with increasing dosages, making a serious overdose reaction very unlikely. Despite all the scientific evidence and the millions of thankful patients who have benefited from Thyroid glandular extracts, many orthodox physicians, including endocrinologists, scorn its use on the grounds that it is old fashioned. Several companies produce glandular supplements.

Other considerations in working with hypothyroid problems include diet. Some foods, such as rapeseed (used to make canola oil) and Brassica vegetables (cabbage, Brussels sprouts, broccoli and cauliflower), contain natural goitrogens that appear to act by interfering with thyroid hormone syntheses. Cassava, a starchy root that is the source of tapioca, has also been identified as a goitrogenic food. Other goitrogens include maize, sweet potatoes, lima beans, and pearl millet. avoid these food if you're having any hypothyroid issues.

Also preliminary studies have found an association between multiple chemical sensitivities and hypothyroidism. Toxic residues stored in the fats of the body such as PCBs and lead have both shown suppression effects to thyroid function.

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