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Arm and Hand Pains

Cause of Arm and Hand Pains

Arm and hand pains are usually due to injuries that are usually self-limiting, meaning they will simply go away on their own within a few days. These types of pains are usually nothing to be concerned about. However, if the pains persist in your arms or hands, or if numbing keeps recurring past one week, a check up with your chiropractor is in order. Many arm and hand pains are commonly associated with a compressed nerve in your lower neck or upper back. This is the area of your spine which controls the nerve function of your arms and hands. Chiropractors are highly trained to diagnose such problems and indicate the appropriate therapy to correct the problem through spinal manipulation therapy and rehabilitation exercises.

If nerve compression is occurring from dysfunctional lower cervical or upper thoracic vertebra, and is left untreated, a more stubborn problem could develop with a degenerative condition in the spine or discs. Problems which have been present for longer than a month usually require a more prolonged treatment and recovery period. However, even in cases where the condition has been present for months or even years, Chiropractic spinal therapy will usually begin to make a difference quickly. The patient should begin to notice improvement within the first few weeks of therapy. If improvements do not occur as your doctor expects them to, additional tests may be performed to rule out disc or other spinal pathology.

The following is an anatomical diagram showing the nerve relationships from your neck into your arms:

If you have pains in the arm or hand that is consistent and doesn't go away, it may be due to compression nerves in your upper back and neck. Please seek Chiropractic help, we know how to help you! We want you to manage your pain and give you some relief.

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