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Do You Crack Your Own Spine?

A Word of Warning

Do You Pop Your Back?

Many people, particularly younger people, regularly “crack” their own spines. This is done for a number of different reasons, the primary one being to feel better. When the spine is “popped”, the body reacts as if it had been injured by releasing chemicals called enkephalins and endorphins. These chemicals are part of the pain control system of the body. Endorphins and enkephalins biochemically are as effective as morphine in controlling pains. Therefore, when your spine is traumatized, these chemicals are released in the region of trauma thereby reducing pains for several hours to one day. When pains are reduced, most people assume something good has happened which encourages them to repeat this practice sometimes several times per day, every day. They sometimes think this is the same as therapeutic spinal manipulation that a Doctor of Chiropractic does, so it must be good for them! Wrong!! This is a terrible mistake which is self destructive and ultimately leads to more pain and degeneration with continued practice.

Why It's Dangerous To Pop Your Own Back

When persistent or recurring pain is present in the spine, anywhere from the upper neck to the lower back, fixated spinal segments usually can be found in these regions by a trained Chiropractor. Spinal pains are one of the most common symptoms of a fixated and dysfunctional spine. When an untrained person “pops” the spine anywhere in the general region of pain, it will usually cause the pain to temporarily be reduced due the enkephalin and endorphin effects. However the spinal segments which usually pop are not the ones which need to be adjusted, they are the freely moving segments - or healthy moving segments - which are close to the fixated segments which are causing the real problems. When these healthy segments are popped over and over again repetitive stress syndromes or cumulative trauma disorders soon develop. The healthy joints which should never be popped, soon develop inflammatory reactions and eventually also begin to be fixated and dysfunctional. Therefore the individuals who pop their own vertebra are damaging their spines little by little until serious and sometimes permanent spinal problems develop.

The Doctor of Chiropractic is highly trained to accurately find and rehabilitate the spinal segments which are dysfunctional and fixated. Therapeutic adjustments are performed to restore normal movement, balance and strength thereby restoring spinal health. Therefore “popping” the spine by the untrained is damaging, where “adjustments” by the licensed and trained Doctor or Chiropractic is therapeutic and health promoting.

Don’t “ever” pop your own back - EVER !!

At Cedar City Chiropractic and Rehabilitation, Doctors Josh Williams and M. Curtis Hobson have the solution to more than just your back. With professional, on-hand dietitians, health coaches, massage therapist, and Chiropractic physicians, we can focus on your overall health and wellness that will allow you to run FASTER, jump HIGHER, recover QUICKER, and will ultimately achieve your greatest wellness goals. At Cedar City Chiropractic and Rehab... We have MORE than just your back!

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