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Arthritis? Is there anything I can do?

Did you know...

1) Osteoarthritis (OA) affects women more than men with 62% of the cases.

2) In the United States, there are 51,870,000 people affected.

3) It mostly affects in order of most to least: the spine, hands, knees, shoulders, hips.

4) One of the characteristics is that it is usually not symmetrical. Meaning it usually would just affect one knee or one shoulder at a time. This could be important when diagnosing yourself.

Do you have any of the following symptoms?

1) Pain

2) Is the pain only on the left or on the right also. (Look for Active Health Chiropractic's blog about the arthritis that hurts on both sides)

3) After getting up, from bed or from a chair, is there stiffness when you first start moving or using the joint?

4) Decreased flexibility/range of motion

5) Swelling in the joint area

What can Active Health Chiropractic do?

1) Chiropractic adjustments promote mobility. Remember the song above? Keep moving, keep locomoting.

2) Arthritis promotes inflammation. Through Active Health Chiropractic, we help with reducing inflammation within the affected joints.

3) Working together, Active Health Chiropractic will give you exercise instructions to do at home as we monitor and work with your joint arthritis in our office. These exercises improve flexibility and strengthen the muscles around joints

4) Active Health Chiropractic has medical massage therapists on staff. Don't expect to get a rub-a-dub massage. Our therapists are trained to loosen muscles and break up fascia from a medical standpoint so that the chiropractic adjustment can more effectively help your individual case. Active Health Chiropractic medical massage can also help reduce the stress hormone cortisol. work.

Keep in mind that while nothing can cure arthritis, Active Health Chiropractic offers these types of non-surgical treatments which can help you stay in an active lifestyle. If arthritis is going 80mph, lets see if we can get it to only going 30!!!

Our physicians can focus on your overall health and wellness, enabling you to run FASTER, jump HIGHER, and recover QUICKER. Helping you ultimately in achieving your greatest health and wellness goals.


At Active Health Chiropractic, We have MORE than just your back!


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