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Tight Hamstrings and What to Do With Them

Hi! Welcome to another video with Cedar City Chiropractic & Rehabilitation. Today we are going to talk about hamstrings. A lot of people come in to me and say: “Hey Dr. Williams, why are my hamstrings so tight, I am always constantly bending over and stretching. I put my leg up on the wall and stretch and whatever. A lot of the times, it’s not the hamstrings themselves that’s the issue, as far as being too tight. They are actually too weak and stretched out. That’s because people tend to forget about their gluts and their hamstrings when they work out. Because whatever they see in the mirror, that’s what they like to work out. Let’s be honest, we are a little vain in this world. The hamstrings should be about 70% strength wise of your quads, okay. So if you are doing a hundred pound, you know pushing out working on your quads with those leg extensions, okay, you should be able to do that ten times, and then coming back on the leg curls or flexions, seven times. So, that way it will actually correct. Because when they get weak and stretched out because that pelvis is coming forward, our abs are not strong enough or gluts or hamstrings aren’t holding that pelvis there, then they get stretched out like that. What that does is it freaks them out! They think they are going to tear, etc… so they will actually spasm, and that’s why everyone constantly has “tight hamstrings.” It’s because they don’t take care of their hamstrings making them strong enough, to uh, and the abs and gluts as well, keep it all balanced. So that’s your homework. Work on those hamstrings. Come here to the office if you need, or if you have questions about hamstrings if they are tight or if that’s your situation. Come here and we will tell you what to do. Visit us at Cedar City Chiropractic & Rehabilitation on the web or Facebook or YouTube. Thanks. Have a great day!

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